Upcoming / ANTHROPOS / artist book launch

MELK Gallery / Oslo


(Greek for human, but the real meaning is "someone who looks up to the sky")

Anthropos is an artistic elaboration of the topic of human impact on geology and eco-systems.

Javier Barrios’ latest artist book project is based on the proposed new

geological epoch known as the Anthropocene (Greek for man-made), which

describes the human impact on the Earth's geology and ecosystem. The

proposal has received broad support from key researchers and

institutions within the field, and it is desired to date the beginning

of the epoch at the first successful nuclear explosion (Trinity in


Through history, man has gone from fearing nature to dominate it. The

technology has developed at record speed, and its potential use has

become one of our biggest threats. But can technology be our rescue at

the same time? Space research has entered a new era, no longer motivated

by political positioning, but rather by an understanding of humanity’s

need for a way of escape.

With the book Anthropos, Barrios aims to present a dynamic, potent and

chaotic representation of the human activity, and set it against nature,

which in comparison seems somewhat more still and balanced. He does

this by incorporating fragments of human development from primitive to

today’s high-tech society through the usage of found photographs, which

he has collected over years and which forms part of his artistic


By usage of found photographs, which he has collected over years and

that forms part of his artistic practice, Barrios incorporates fragments

of human development from the primitive to today's high-tech society,

thus reflecting the contrast between nature and human activity.

The book is a result of a two month

residency at Galeria MARSO in Mexico City in 2016, and will be presented

at MELK in combination with an exhibition that will consist of

photographs and sculptures.

Anthropos has been made possible in collaboration with designer and

publisher William Løwe Stormdal (Pseudonym Publisher) and writer Carlos