Upcoming / SLUICE Biennale

Hackney Central / London

Presenting work through Grey Cube Projects / Bogota

Artists: Javier Barrios / Johanna Arenas / Juan Cortes / Diego Gomez / Carolina Amaya

30th Sept- 03 Oct.

Hackney Central / London

The Sluice Biennial is a collaborative platform that merges the visions of artist/

curator-run and emerging galleries from London, with those of compatible art

galleries and projects from around the world. It prioritises artists, curation and

collaboration over strictly art-market interests by focusing on curatorial rigour,



ethos and collaborative programming.

This year the Sluice Biennial has strategically sited itself in Hackney Central

to confront and examine the role of the arts in regeneration and how artists

impact and contribute to society. The Sluice Biennial will create a hub of artistic

activities over four days and multiple venues. It will present artistic practice as an

investigation and promote self-initiated galleries, projects & discussion, all within

the context of the global community. With a diverse range of galleries & projects

at the Biennial, there will be a large programme of exhibitions, live-performances,

screenings and moderated talks all presented by galleries from as far afield as

Canada, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, the


and from around the




is an art initiative run by Karl England [artist], Charlie Levine [curator] and

Ben Street [educationalist]. It was formed as a provocation to the art fair as trade fair

model, with a mission to promote the business of art rather than the art business.


does this by strategically adopting organisational and promotional

structures in order to showcase artists, curators and emergent discourse in

a manner in keeping with the ethos of the participating projects. Operating as

a critical platform taking on different guises: a biennial art fair, a roaming

international expo, a gallery space, a magazine, all Sluice projects stay true to

its overarching remit to investigate the nature of art and its place in the world.

The 2017 Sluice Biennial is part of a year long programme of activity in Hackney

that includes the Sluice Gallery, Project Space, Reading Room, Residency and

as the production site of the Sluice magazine, which for the first time this

October will be both produced and printed within the Borough of Hackney